Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Things to bring to the Exam!

1. A Blue Book (big or small)

2.  Writing instrument of choice...probably an extra one, too.  I can't believe how many times in school pens decided to run out of ink during exams.

3. Any Response Papers or extra credit papers you have left.  After the the last exam is turned in, I will NO LONGER ACCEPT PAPERS OF ANY KIND.  Be sure to get them in Tuesday or at the beginning of the exam on Thursday.

4.  Yourself.  Please sign the exam sign out sheet when you are done.

Good luck on the final!


  1. I would have mentioned about this in class when we were discussing what other anime that should be shown in the future versions of this class but the anime I would have suggested is Robot Carnival. It's like Animatrix where there are nine shorts even one of the artists for the Animatrix was part of the Robot Carnival project. However the dubbed version, even through there was only two shorts that have dialogue in them, is super rare to find since the dubbing company went out of business. The only way to get the dub is to get a used a VHS tape of it or even watch it on youtube. There are downloaded versions as well but I don't what versions they are: dubbed, subbed, or both. One that I download a few years ago has a big watermark on it. -,-+ The guy who cleaned it up was a jerk. But I would definitely recommend it for future classes.

    1. Thank you!

      I am always open to suggestions for future versions of the class!

      I will have to look into this!